Battlefield 2
  Special Forces
 Great Wall
A newly negotiated peace with Russia has allowed the European Union to launch an attack into mainland China from the north. The EU forces hope to breach the Great Wall of China and establish a base for future operations before continuing south to the coast, but their supply lines are dangerously thin. If the Chinese forces can head off the assault and hold them back long enough, the EU will have no choice but to retreat back into Russia. Itís vital for them to link up with American forces attacking from the coast, or a sustained assault on China will be impossible!

 16 Player Great Wall



1 EU Flag (Uncap)
4 PLA Flags
1 Neutral Flag

 32 Player Great Wall



2 EU Flags (1 Uncap)
2 PLA Flags (1 Uncap)
2 Neutral Flags 2005 - 2017
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