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Battlefield 2 medals and requirements
 Picture  Name  Requirements

 Air Combat Medal

IAR: 25 Kills in a Plane

100 hours while an Aviator

5,000 kills while an Aviator

 Armor Combat Medal


IAR: 25 kills in an Armor Vehicle

100 hours while in Armor

5,000 kills while in Armor

 Bronze Star

IAR: Third place

 Combat Action Medal

IAR: Play for 33 minutes

250 hours total time played

25,000 kills

25 kills streak

 Combat Infantry Medal

200 hours total time played

Awards: Basic Knife Combat Badge, Basic Pistol Combat Badge, Basic Assault Combat Badge, Basic Anti-tank Combat Badge, Basic Sniper Combat Badge, Basic Spec Ops Combat Badge, Basic Support Combat Badge, Basic Engineer Combat Badge, Basic Medic Combat Badge

 Distinguished Service Medal

IAR: Team score of 45

100 hours command time

100 hours squad leader time

100 hours squad member time

 Gold Star

IAR: First place

 Golden Scimitar

100 best round while playing MEC

100 hours while playing MEC

100 wins while playing MEC

 Good Conduct Medal

IAR: 27 kills and No Team kills, damage or vehicle damage

250 hours total time played

 Helicopter Combat Medal

IAR: 30 kills in a Helicopter

100 hours while in Helicopter

5,000 kills while in Helicopter

 Marksman Infantry Medal

300 hours total time played
Combat Infantry Medal

Awards: Combat Infantry Medal, Veteran Knife Combat Badge, Veteran Pistol Combat Badge, Veteran Assault Combat Badge, Veteran Anti-tank Combat Badge, Veteran Sniper Combat Badge, Veteran Spec Ops Combat Badge, Veteran Support Combat Badge, Veteran Engineer Combat Badge, Veteran Medic Combat Badge

 Medal of Valour

250 hours total time played

5,000 driver special ability points

1,000 flag defense points

30,000 team points

 Meritorious Service Medal

250 hours total time played

1,000 heals

1,000 repair points

1,000 resupply points

 Navy Cross

100 best round while playing USMC

100 hours while playing USMC

100 wins while playing USMC

 People's Medallion

100 best round while playing PLA

100 hours while playing PLA

100 wins while playing PLA

 Purple Heart

IAR: A K:D ratio of 1:4 with a minimum of 5 kills/20 deaths

 Sharpshooter Infantry Medal

400 hours total time played
Marksman Infantry Medal

Awards: Marksman Infantry Medal, Expert Knife Combat Badge, Expert Pistol Combat Badge, Expert Assault Combat Badge, Expert Anti-tank Combat Badge, Expert Sniper Combat Badge, Expert Spec Ops Combat Badge, Expert Support Combat Badge, Expert Engineer Combat Badge, Expert Medic Combat Badge

 Silver Star

IAR: Second place

European Union Special Service 50 hours while playing European Union
100 best round while playing European Union 2005 - 2017
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