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 Battlefield 2 Middle Eastern Coalition Army and Kits
Battlefield 2 middle eastern coalition army and kits
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Anti Tank


The anti-tank missile packs the biggest single punch of any hand-held weapon. You can even guide your missile after firing by repositioning your viewfinder’s crosshair while the missile is in the air. This comes in handy not only for tracking a moving target but also for firing around corners. Your submachine gun fires in two modes. In single-shot mode you have the accuracy to take out a target at a distance, while automatic mode gives you better chances at close range.

MR-444 Pistol
Eryx (SRAW)
Unlocks: DAO-12 & P90


The workhorse of any attack team, the assault soldier combines heavy firepower with high mobility. You’ll be a force on any battlefield with your assault rifle/grenade launcher combo—switch it to automatic mode for rapid firing or single-shot mode for more accuracy. Using the gun’s grenade launcher targeting apparatus can be tricky, so practice before entering combat. If you find yourself taking flak from all sides, use your smoke grenades to make a stealthy retreat.

• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol
• AK-101
• GP30 Grenade Launcher
• Smoke Grenades
Unlocks: G3, Flashbang



Teams rely on engineers to keep their vehicles up and running, so keep that wrench ready. As an engineer, you can even ride in certain vehicles and turn them into mobile “repair” vehicles, automatically repairing any nearby friendly vehicles. As good as you are at fixing vehicles, you’re just as good at destroying them—it takes just one well-placed anti-vehicle mine to cripple or destroy an enemy tank. Place these mines on well-travelled roads, but just over a rise or around a bend, so the driver never sees what hit him. You can also repair bridges vital to your side’s effort.
• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol
• S12K
• Hand Grenades
• AT Mines
• Wrench
Unlocks: Mk3A1, MP7


The medic’s main role is healing and reviving teammates with health packs and shock paddles. A serious injury can send a soldier into revive mode for a short period of time, during which you can save his life—if you get there in time. Also keep in mind that the shock paddles can deliver a big enough charge to kill an enemy soldier. Medics can also hop into certain vehicles and turn them into “ambulances” to automatically heal other passengers and nearby teammates.

• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol
• AK-101
• Hand Grenades
• Medic Bags
• Shock Paddles
Unlocks: L85A1, G36E



As a sniper you can move quickly when you need to, but the key to your deadliness is staying still. Wearing camouflage allows you to remain concealed in a good hiding spot so you can pluck off enemies from a distance without being spotted. Or sneak through tall grass and plant claymore mines for unsuspecting enemy troops. The claymore explodes when somebody walks in front of it, so plant it and get out there in a hurry.

• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol (Silenced)
• SVD Sniper Rifle
• Hand Grenades
• Claymores
Unlocks: M95, L96A1

Special Forces


Swift and deadly, special forces soldiers come armed with silenced pistols, allowing you to take out targets with ultimate stealth. But when you want to make some noise, your C4 explosives should do the trick. Plant a C4 pack out of sight and detonate it when troops walk by, blow bridges to cut off your enemy, or attach the pack to a vehicle and wait for enemy troops to gather around it before setting off the charge.

• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol (Silenced)
• AK-74U
• Hand Grenades
• C4
Unlocks: G36E, SCAR-L



Crates of ammo are hard to come by in war zones. That’s where the support soldier comes in. You provide an invaluable service by supplying ammunition bags to your team. Carrying all that ammo weighs you down, but to make up for the fact that you’re not the fastest soldier on the battlefield, your body armor provides some protection against enemy fire while you lay down some serious lead with your machinegun. You’ll also automatically replenish ammo for any squad mates riding with you in a vehicle.

• Knife
• MR-444 Pistol 
• RPK-74
• Hand Grenades
• Ammo Bags
Unlocks: PKM, MG36 2005 - 2017
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