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Battlefield 2 ribbons and requirements
 Picture  Name  Requirements

Aerial Service Ribbon

IAR: 15 minutes in an Airplane
IAR: 19 kills in an Airplane

Airborne Ribbon


IAR: 10 seconds in a Parachute

Air-Defense Ribbon

IAR: 3 minutes in Air Defense (SAM, AA Vehicle)
IAR: 11 kills with Air Defense (SAM, AA Vehicle)

Armored Service Ribbon

IAR: 20 minutes in an Armor Vehicle
IAR: 19 kills in an Armor Vehicle

Combat Action Ribbon

IAR: 18 Kills

10 kill Streak

Crew Service Ribbon

IAR: 1 Driver Special Ability Point

IAR: 13 Driver Kill Assists
IAR: 5 kills

Distinguished Service Ribbon

IAR: 15 Team points 10 hours squad member time
10 hours squad leader time
10 hours command time

Far-East Service Ribbon

1 Second while playing Daqing Oilfields
1 Second while playing Dalian Plant
1 Second while playing Dragon Valley
1 Second while playing FuShe Pass
1 Second while playing Songhua Stalemate
1 Second while playing Wake Island 2007

Good Conduct Ribbon

IAR: 14 kills

IAR: No Team kills, damage or vehicle damage

50 hours total time played

Ground Defense Ribbon

IAR: 3 minutes in TOW/Mounted Machine Gun
IAR: 5 kills in TOW/Mounted Machine Gun

Helicopter Service Ribbon

IAR: 15 minutes in Helicopter
IAR: 19 kills in Helicopter

Infantry Officer Ribbon

IAR: 25 Minutes as Squad Leader
250 team points

Legion of Merit Ribbon

IAR: 50 team points

200 hours total time played
10 kill streak
8 death streak

Meritorious Unit Ribbon

IAR: 26 minutes in a Squad

IAR: 40 team points

Mid-East Service Ribbon

1 Second while playing Kubra Dam
1 Second while playing Mashtuur City
1 Second while playing Operation Clean Sweep
1 Second while playing Zatar Wetlands
1 Second while playing Strike at Karkand
1 Second while playing Sharqi Peninsula
1 Second while playing Gulf of Oman

North-American Service Ribbon

IAR: Unknown

Staff Officer Ribbon

IAR: 28 minutes as Commander
IAR: 50 command points (before 2x)

Valorous Unit Ribbon

IAR: 45 team points

25 hours squad member time
25 hours squad leader time

War College Ribbon

100 hours command time
200 wins
25,000 command points 2005 - 2017
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