Battlefield 2
  Special Forces
 Taraba Quarry
The EU forces are en route to reinforce an American division that has been cut off from the front lines. The MEC have moved to intercept them, and both armies are about to meet at the Taraba Quarry, the only crossing point of the Taraba River this side of the Caspian Sea. If the MEC can hold their side of the river, the Americanís will be cut off and surrounded. The EU must break through enemy lines before the Americanís are overrun.

 16 Player Taraba Quarry



1 MEC Flag (Uncap)
3 EU Flags
1 Neutral Flag

 32 Player Taraba Quarry



2 MEC Flag (1 Uncap)
2 EU Flag (1 Uncap)
3 Neutral Flags 2005 - 2017
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